The Gut, Intuition & Inner Knowing

When I was a little girl and really for most of my life, I have had an affinity for Native American culture. The art, totems, the craft, the drums, the wise elders and healers.
As an adopted child, I always wondered who I looked like, why other kids teased my skin tone and nose and look. As an adult I began to explore this deep affinity with meditation, journeying, and Yoga Nidra (The Art of Non Doing).  I learned to listen and trust my Inner Knowing of who I am.

So, a few years ago I used the genetic testing saliva kit from 23 & Me to confirm something I had always KNOWN?  I am, indeed, a considerable percentage Native American. 
Women talk a lot these days about finding their tribe?  Last week I literally found mine. Mohawk. It explains so, so much about the path I am on. Of self discovery, connection, the healing power of touch, seeing others, supporting others and sharing the practices and experience of The Art of Non Doing.  I am excited for all the learning and unfolding to come. Thank you for being part of this journey.

Do you have strong feelings about something you would like to explore further?
What do you KNOW, you KNOW.
Read on... 

Can you remember a time when you have had a “gut reaction” to something or someone? Those times when we have a more immediate reaction to something and act or overreact, without much thought.   Our heartbeat, breath and muscle tension increases.  We may feel a tightness or knot in our belly. Here we have the opportunity to decide, weigh information and perhaps discern from the conversation that is happening between the brain and the belly, what is fact and what is fiction.

And what about intuition?… How did you know I was going to say that.
Intuition is essentially the brain on autopilot, it’s automatic and effortless.  Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired.  This involves trusting the collection of all your subconscious experiences.  It draws on everything you’ve experienced for all the years you’ve been alive, which means it is constantly evolving and expanding.  

Now I’m going to take this even a little deeper.  Let’s talk about Inner Knowing

This is something that is possible to uncover and explore during The Art of Non Doing / Yoga Nidra. It’s what I was talking about in my story at the beginning. This may be a little “woo - woo” for you but stay with me…

In one of the deepest parts of The Art of Non Doing relaxation experience, the mind stops lecturing you and you drop into a soothing place in the nervous system. Some call this the Wisdom Body, let's call it Inner Knowing.  A place where you are able to rest and see your true self.  It is the place where the ego drops away and you become the witness to your own life. The place of symbols, colours, visions and dreams.

At this point in the experience you are often lead to a place in nature because in nature it’s easier to wonder, to let go of our thoughts and go beyond them. Essentially you are free to awaken your most pure, authentic self. You get out of your own way.  As this part of ourselves is given permission to be seen, it is not uncommon to receive “soul whispers”, powerful, life-changing messages or images, people or guides with such messages.  

I invite you to click the link below and listen to what you might hear at this point in the Art of Non Doing experience

Deep down you always know what action to take in your life, and know who you are, but sometimes you need a force within you to reveal it to you. I am here for you and would love to support you in diving deeper into relaxation and peace through:

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