Summertime is here...
And  "Sunshine on My Shoulders Makes me Happy". John Denver
How about You?
The possibility of spending more time in the sun and getting a bit more of the "sunshine" Vitamin D is as well.  Longer, brighter days offer more time to be outside, on or around the water, being more active, socializing and spending time with family & friends. Sunlight is effective for increasing serotonin levels, a major reason why moods tend to be more elevated during the summer, why you may feel happier.
Getting outside in the sun (without sunscreen) for just 10 to 15 minutes a day, with light hitting the arms and legs, can generate enough for most of us. While we need to prioritize our sun exposure for optimal vitamin D synthesis, it’s important to be careful to avoid over-exposure that can lead to skin damage. We do not need to burn or even tan for vitamin D synthesis to occur. So many options such as natural sunscreens, hats and UV protective clothing available.
So get up, get out there... a bike ride, beachtime, fishing, walking in a state park with the family or a cool drink with a friend ( don't forget the Water, Water, Water!) and take exquisite care of YOU!

Ready for a reprieve from the sun, to rest & restore? I have included the link to my Yoga Nidra classes this summer. 
Hope to see you there.

Be Well & Shine On

(Vitamin D is necessary for a strong immune system, strong bones and teeth, cardiovascular health and hormonal balance. It may also protect us from much greater health risks from cancer to diabetes. Sources of Vitamin D include sunshine, from foods such as liver, cod, herring, and sardines. Mushrooms and eggs also contain vitamin D. Or capsules/drops of D3.)