I took some time today to walk the beach ( my happy place) to clear all the busy-ness in my mind, to process the week behind me and give myself permission to let it go. Reflecting on mistakes I'd made, the things I could have handled differently, the fantastic happenings and even the things that I was extremely pleased with myself about.

There were moments on high and moments on low, an ebb & flow.

As I walked I couldn't help but think about how the past week seemed to be filled with very difficult times for quite a few people in my life. Have you ever had weeks like that? I received news of a friend's brother passing of a rare and recently diagnosed cancer, another friend lost her furry friend, a client's brother was in hospital and another who was feeling the pain as their child underwent surgery. All different kinds of sadness and grief, but painful just the same. My mind went to thoughts about my own life and times of great sadness and grief, and how when we are in the midst of all the emotions, it feels as if we will never know joy again. And then, 8 hours, 8 weeks, 8 months, 8 years later, we find ourselves in moments of great Joy.

There were moments on high and moments on low, an ebb & flow.

And life is just like that isn't it? How unfulfilling and challenging would life be without feeling our emotions. Extreme sadness, extreme joy, "feeling all the feels!" To be completely honest, I love a good cry (more often than I care to admit), it releases trapped energy in the body. And I love to laugh so hard that I may just pee my pants a little bit ( you know the one) or end up crying anyway...

There were moments on high and moments on low, an ebb & flow.

During my Integrative Relaxation and Yoga Nidra sessions, I invite this thought;
When we welcome everything just as it is, we are aware of the thoughts, feelings and emotions that move through us, and know that is not who we are. We are not our thoughts, feelings and emotions. For they are temporary and ever changing, moving through us like a cloud in the sky or a wave on the ocean. You are the observer, separate from thoughts and emotions that come and go. We come back to the breath. Over and over again. Breath is Life & Life is Breath. Like a wave on the ocean.

Wherever you are in the ebb & flow of your life, gently remind yourself that it will change. And change again, and again. I invite you to click on the link below to access my short, wave of breath guided meditation. It is dedicated to my friends who I was speaking about earlier, it is my hope that they will enjoy it too.

Please feel free to share it with someone you know. We all know someone who is having a rough time, someone who may need to let go and feel nothing but their own breath.

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Be Well & Shine On