“There are so many things to be amazed by, and it just makes life better and richer if you can slow down and appreciate it, otherwise it’s gone.” ~Shannon Miller~


I know... I just quoted myself above. That was from my daughter's podcast that I was honoured to be invited to be the guest interviewee for her Mother's Day episode. I mean, I'm her only one, so...

Actually, she made me feel very comfortable and asked thoughtful questions (she's really good at what she does and interviews some amazing people- check it out). It was kind of liberating to speak openly and vulnerably, not knowing who would hear it, but hoping that it could be helpful in some way, to someone.
If you'd like to listen here is the link.


Something else I realized is that you don't spend 55 years on the planet without learning some "stuff" about life, love, loss and embracing life as it is. Are you with me? I know most of you reading this are either approaching midlife, embracing it or on to the next chapter. And if you haven't quite gotten there yet I hope this will resonate with you in some way.

And I'm no enlightened master, but here's what I do know. Most of us have rushed around, living this life in hopes that the next thing or place, or job, or person, or opportunity will bring contentment, will bring joy.
I'll be happy when...

And in the midst of this rushing around, we missed it. We missed the moment. Over and over again we have missed it because we have not been present. Oh, we may have been there in body but that's about the only part of us that was there.

Or in the midst of "reacting" to a situation or event, we couldn't see clearly what was actually happening. Unable to see our mistakes as we were making them. A bad idea or wrong speech always seems good at the time. Had we been approaching a situation from love rather than fear, could we have "responded" in a more helpful way?

What if there was a way to help you begin to slow down, to change those behaviors, to retrain your brain?
The Art of Non Doing or Yoga Nidra is a form of meditation, done lying down, deeply relaxed while remaining awake. Release chronic stress and anxiety, bring restful sleep, look deeply within yourself, become aware of inner knowing, be reintroduced to the peaceful and loving person you are. With regular and continued practice you learn to approach everyday life & stressful situations with a calm and clear mind.

I have been practicing, studying and facilitating The Art of Non Doing / Yoga Nidra for almost a decade. I have experienced the benefits personally, and have had clients and patients make dramatic changes in their lives through this practice. It is my passion to help others experience this, to be seen, heard, held and touched.

I am a person who deals on a daily basis with much anxiety that then turns to fear. Because of this , my tendency to keep myself feeling “safe” was to isolate myself. My first hour of The Art of Non Doing (Yoga Nidra) with Shannon quite literally changed my life. Since then, I have done many Art of Non Doing (Yoga Nidra) classes with Shannon. I am able to be in public again. I am now leading workshops, teaching fitness classes again and enjoying life to the fullest each day. When I said The Art of Non Doing (Yoga Nidra) with Shannon changed my life- I meant it!

— Carrie Whalen, IIN Health Coach, Certified Fitness Instructor, Mother, Athlete, B.Sc.

Could you or someone you know benefit from making some changes? (Change is never easy but it is worth it!) I'd love to show you how.

A few options for working with me:

Individual Sessions
1 or 2 people (bring a friend, spouse, family) - @ Southport or Wilmington locations.
Sessions are 1 Hour / $100 Please contact me directly to schedule.

Public Group Sessions

Hilton Head Island Yoga - Yoga Nidra - The Art of Non Doing - Sunday June 30th 5pm-6:30pm $25

Wilmington Yoga Center - The Art of Non-Doing - Yoga Nidra - Sunday July 14th , 6:00pm - 7:30pm $25

Wilmington Yoga Center - The Art of Non-Doing - Yoga Nidra - Sunday August 11th , 6:00pm - 7:30pm $25

Private Group Sessions
Planning a staff development, reunion, retreat or gathering? I'm happy to bring the practice to you!
Please contact for availability and pricing.

For more information please go to my website here:

Wherever you are on your journey, youth, middle age, fighting a good fight against illness or senior living, there are so many things to be amazed by and it just makes life better and richer if you can slow down and appreciate it.
Otherwise it's gone

Be Well & Shine On

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