"That's the thing about inner beauty: unlike physical beauty, which grabs the spotlight on itself, inner beauty shines on everyone, catching them, holding them in its embrace, making them more beautiful."
― Anonymous

A few years ago I was teaching a Saturday morning Community Yoga Class.  Which meant all ages and all levels of experience and ability were welcome to come to practice together.  During the class a lovely woman, about 65, spoke up and expressed her irritation with me.  "It's quite hurtful, that you call some people beautiful and not others" she said.  I quickly realized what she was referring to and paused the class to explain and to hoped to put her and others at ease. 

"Yes", I said, "I do use the word beautiful during class but it is not directed at or a statement of a student's physical beauty or their yoga pants.  It is a reflection of my perception of something deeper that comes through in a pose or an ease or an expression of peace.  I feel and see my students deeply.  When I see a student settle into their own expression of a posture, knowing they have backed away from the strain to relax and breathe... it is beautiful.  When I see a student rest in child's pose because that is what they need in that moment rather than forcing ahead with the class into another posture...it is beautiful.  When I see a student with their eyes closed getting to know themselves deeply... it is beautiful.  When I see a student resting in peace... that is beautiful.

She came over to me and gave me the biggest hug, "We are all full of beauty" she said. "It's a Beauty Full Thing."

Yes, we are all beautiful.

I am so grateful and overwhelmed sometimes with the fact that everyday I get to witness the beauty in the faces of others through my work.  Whether it is with a client on my table, Hospice patients or a student in Yoga Nidra ( The Art of Non Doing). https://www.integrativerelaxation.com/ongoing-sessions

I am privileged to be invited into moments of letting go, revelation and deep peace.  It is during these exquisite moments that the true inner beauty in all of us shines through.  It is like looking at the face of a sleeping baby.  The face of trust, hope, and Love.

I am so happy to share with you that I have completed Advanced Training in Oncology Massage and am now able to broaden my reach to include people who have a diagnosis of Cancer, including those currently in treatment.  Oncology massage can significantly assist patients with managing anxiety, pain, nausea, depression and fatigue. If you or someone you know would benefit from decreasing some of those symptoms please ask for more information. https://www.integrativerelaxation.com/

I look forward to seeing your beautiful face in class or on my table soon.  But in the meantime, you don't have to take my word for it.  You can experience it first hand. And here's how:

If you have a full length mirror, that is best, but the biggest mirror you have in your home is perfect.
Stand in front of the mirror. Naked is best.
Take a few deep, slow breaths in and out of the nostrils
Relax your shoulders, relax your jaw, relax your gaze and take in what you see in front of you.
Let go of judgement or scolding. Continue breathing easily.
Look your self in the eyes and say to yourself " I am Beautiful" or " I am full of Beauty"
10 times, with meaning, as the truth...

The beauty of all that you are...

It's a "Beauty Full Thing."

Be Well & Shine On