February is the month of the Heart.  I believe that Love flows within us and from us all the time, everyday and every month, not just February 14th, the one day many people associate with Valentine’s Day.   Love is all around.

And we can choose to Share Love & Be Love, everyday.

I'm really excited to let you know how I will be helping people to think outside of the "gift box" in February.  Check it out by clicking the link below.



One of my favorite reminders to myself is to "Love Everything".  Every moment, everyone, every experience.

To some, love means a deep romantic or sexual attachment, or an intense feeling of deep affection or a great interest and pleasure in something.
For others love can be even more broad and all-encompassing, as A.R. Lucas says " Love is universal, an energy, a contagious force, a gift."

And the heart? An international symbol that evokes good feelings, like a peace sign. What a magnificent organ, our body's lifeline. Your 'ticker" continually pumping, sustaining life until our last day. Emotionally we have expressions like, heartfelt, heartache, from the heart, broken heart, heart to heart....
The human heart functions on many levels.  Science is now realizing what the mystics and poets have known for eternity: that the heart is so much more than a mechanical pump. We live in the heart.

The idea that we have to celebrate Valentine’s day with a romantic partner, and if you don’t have one, you can’t celebrate?! Hey don’t get me wrong, I love romance and it should be celebrated.  But we don’t have be excluded from celebrating Love or the Heart because we don’t fit in a certain demographic or romantic situation. 

We can celebrate any kind of Love. In whatever way we choose. On February 14th and everyday. Love for your romantic partner, your friends, children, siblings, the ocean, animals, trees, the wind, a worm!  Yourself.

We can choose to Share Love & Be Love.

How will you show up for Love, today. Let me know!

Love Everything & Shine On