Vibrational Sound Massage - 60 minute session / $100

Vibrational Sound Massage is an energetic healing modality which uses the harmonic tones and vibration of Tibetan Singing Bowls to regenerate cells and promote deep healing. During the session you will remain fully clothed, lying comfortably on a massage table.


Did you know that the 200 types of cells in your body actually vibrate? Each vibrate at different and specific frequencies when they are in their healthiest state.

By placing and ringing the Tibetan Bowls on specific parts of the body, the vibrations “entrain” the cells (organisms in sync), soothing and balancing the client’s physical body, as well as mental and emotional states.

The Tibetan Bowls also emit sound waves, frequencies which produce many layers of harmony. These sounds are very pleasing to the ear and calming to the mind and will automatically induce a meditative state. This allows the client to rest deeply in an alpha or theta brain wave state. ( in simple language- consciously relaxed between awake and asleep). Others experience a deeper brain wave state called delta, which can be very restorative for someone with sleep disturbances or insomnia.

Benefits of Vibrational Sound Massage

VSM can alleviate and reduce symptoms of many conditions, providing immediate and long lasting results. VSM can reduce physical pain, stress, anxiety, muscular tension, energetic and spiritual blocks, mental confusion and emotional difficulties. It has been effective for managing mood disorders, PTSD, migraines, surgical and medical patients have reported a reduction of prescription pain medication required, more capable of handling daily stressors, relief from pain and fatigue.

VSM is a natural “feel good” with no unhealthy side effects or drug interactions. Benefits of a VSM session for the average person include improved patience , less irritation of small things, increased sense of everyday pleasure, gratitude and joy, relaxation and contentment.

What Exactly are Tibetan Singing Bowls?

Tibetan or Himalayan singing bowls have been used for 5000 years by Monks, Healers and Medicine Men for various purposes. My bowls are hand pounded, using traditional techniques, and are made of seven different metals: brass, copper, nickel, silver, zinc, mercury and gold. They are made in many sizes and weights. Each unique and special in its own way. Just like Us.