Shannon is one of the very best massage therapists I’ve ever had. It’s hard to believe she hasn’t been doing this her whole life. Her intuition is incredible and our best sessions have been when I just surrender to her process. In this I’ve discovered that so often the source of my issue and where, or how, it is manifesting are not always parallel. Her magic touch gets the energy flowing freely and my relaxation at its peak. Shannon has been an essential part of my self care regimen.

— Blakley Huntley, Financial Advisor, Southport NC
Shannon’s ability to skillfully integrate use of all her practices provides what I would term “ a complete relaxation experience” resulting in both rest and healing of body and mind. She has brought comfort, peace and ease into my life.
— Jennifer S. McDonald PT, DRJ, MS
I am a person who deals on a daily basis with much anxiety that then turns to fear. Because of this , my tendency to keep myself feeling “safe” was to isolate myself. My first hour of The Art of Non Doing (Yoga Nidra) with Shannon quite literally changed my life. Since then, I have done many Art of Non Doing (Yoga Nidra) classes with Shannon. I am able to be in public again. I am now leading workshops, teaching fitness classes again and enjoying life to the fullest each day. When I said The Art of Non Doing (Yoga Nidra) with Shannon changed my life- I meant it!
— Carrie Whalen, IIN Health Coach, Certified Fitness Instructor, Mother, Athlete, B.Sc.
Shannon Miller’s touch as a massage therapist has a powerfully healing quality. For me, each massage is a beautifully transformative experience. As a yoga teacher, Shannon sets a tone in her class that brings students to a calm and deep sense of focus. Her knowledge of how to safely engage the body, pairs with her spiritual approach, creating a class that seamlessly weaves inner and outer. I feel complete trust when I am being guided by Shannon through a massage or yoga class.
— Robin Collen, PHD, CMA Professor, SUNY Potsdam Department of Theatre and Dance
I have been practicing The Art of Non Doing (Yoga Nidra) with Shannon for a few years. It brings a total calmness to my body & mind that really carries over into everyday life. My sleep patterns have greatly improved since starting The Art of Non Doing experience.. I wish I had started years ago.
— Barbara Tischler, Accountant- Hospice of St Lawrence Valley
Shannon is unfailingly kind and one of the most even tempered people I know. She has been instrumental in the healing of my old rotator cuff injuries & she helps my aging body stay in good shape. I have had sessions with many massage therapists over the years and Shannon is one of the best.
— Kathy Montan, BCET, RSMT
Shannon has been instrumental in helping me refocus my energies on my personal artistic expression and that has been a gift. Taking the time to nourish myself through Shannon’s Art of Non Doing (Yoga Nidra) meditations, her breathing techniques and a daily mindful meditation practice has brought calmness, balance and restful sleep into my daily life. Shannon radiates a sense of calm and presence which permeates her practice. Whether you are receiving a massage, Reiki or participating in an Art of Non Doing experience (Yoga Nidra) session with Shannon, that sense of calmness and peace is transmitted to you.
— Patti V- Director of International Day of Peace - Southport NC