Do you or someone you know and love have unmanaged stress & pain in your life?

Are you ready to let go of unmanaged stress & pain and live well again?

It is possible.  Allow me to help you awaken your innate healing ability, go within and take control of your own wellness.

Integrative Relaxation Wellness Services

Integrative Relaxation Experience- Combined Modalities may include Massage, Reiki, The Art of Non Doing (guided deep relaxation), Sound Bath, Essential Oils, Heat.

Oncology Massage - Caring for people diagnosed with Cancer, In treatment, Cancer History

Reiki - Relaxation & Healing through Universal Energy

The Art of Non-Doing (Yoga Nidra) - Deep Relaxation Meditation

Sound Bath -  Relaxation & Healing using Tibetan & Crystal Bowls

Group Sessions - The Art of Non-Doing (Yoga Nidra)


With chronic stress at an all time high we can no longer deny the relationship between high stress levels and disease. Never has there been more of a need to tune in with our minds, bodies, relax & thrive.  


Massage & Reiki

Massage & Reiki

Shannon is unfailingly kind and one of the most even tempered people that I know. She has been instrumental in the healing of my old rotator cuff injuries & she helps my aging body stay in good shape. I have had sessions with many massage therapists over the years and Shannon is one of the best.
— Kathy Montan, BCET, RSMT
The Art of Non-Doing (Yoga Nidra) - Guided Deep Relaxation

The Art of Non-Doing (Yoga Nidra) - Guided Deep Relaxation

I have been practicing Yoga Nidra with Shannon for a few years. It brings a total calmness to my body & mind that really carries over into everyday life. My sleep patterns have greatly improved since starting The Art of Non Doing. I wish I had started years ago!

— Barbara Tischler, Hospice-St. Lawrence Valley